Why Discus Fish

Everyone has their own specific reasons for wanting to own or to breed discus fish, as I’m sure you have your own reasons in mind as well. Some of the more common reasons for keeping or breeding discus fish are: they are good to look at; they are uniquely intelligent; they have interesting breeding and spawning behaviors; they have interesting personalities; and they can be worth quite a bit of money.

They are good to look at:

Discus fish are some of the more interesting fish to keep, as they have very interesting colors. As mentioned earlier on in this guide, discus fish come in a wide array of colors, and in the course of breeding, these colors can form quite interesting color combinations in offspring. An example of this is when a brown discus and a green discus mate. You may just get a green discus with brilliant orange fringes, or a brown discus with green fringes. This makes them one of the more interesting fish to keep and to look at, as the mixture of colors go swimming about your aquarium.

They are uniquely intelligent:

Discus fish are uniquely intelligent. They learn rather quickly and adapt just as fast. They will learn when its time to feed and who feeds them, when it is time to rest, and various other things. You will be surprised at just what a discus fish will pick up on. It is even said that discus fish learn to recognize people’s faces, and will get nervous around you if they aren’t able to see your face.

They have interesting breeding and spawning behaviors:

Discus fish have very interesting and unique breeding and spawning behaviors. For example: Sometimes if the water conditions or other environmental conditions are not right for the discus fish, it will often lay its eggs and then just eat them. Also, unlike other tropical fish, both parents have an active role in raising baby discus fish.

They have interesting personalities:

While it can be said that discus fish may look the same, the same thing can not be said about their personalities. No two discus fish have the same personality when it comes to interacting with their peers, their caretakers, and their baby discus fish. This makes them very interesting for keeping and breeding, as you will never know what to expect from your discus fish next.

They can be worth quite a bit of money:

As is the case with most hobbies, there is money to be made by breeding discus fish. Small discus fish can run between $25 USD and $30 USD and larger discus fish can be in the $400 USD range. So as you can see, you can make quite a bit of money by breeding discuss fish. However, you do need to consider that you will need to invest a lot of time, effort and possibly money, into keeping and caring for your discus fish before you can sell them for financial gain.

You can raise a discus fish ready to be sold to a pet store, or to another discus fish keeper, in as little as 12 weeks. So in a very short time, you could have a rather healthy income breeding the little tykes.

Since discus fish tend to generate a few hundred offspring at a time, you will find no short supply of discus fish to sell, even if you only start off breeding a couple of discus fish to start.