Where do Discus Fish come From?

Discus fish mainly come from South America. Discus fish make their homes in rivers and streams in countries such as Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, and Brazil. There are a large number of discus fish that make their home along the Amazon River, the largest tropical freshwater river in the world. While they really don’t reside in the river itself, they do live in rivers, streams, and lakes which branch off from it. Discus fish only live in waters which are completely still or very slow moving. Discus fish are very particular about their environment. Besides being completely still or slow moving, the water needs to be very clean, warm and have a particular water chemistry to it. Wild Discus generally live close to the shore where there is some sort of shelter, for example tree roots or other plant life.

Because of their popularity, discus fish can also be found in almost every aquarium or pet store anywhere in the world.