What Kind of Aquarium to Use:

Now that you have thought about what you are going to need for a stand to put your aquarium on, you can now think about what kind of aquarium you are going to use.

The most standard kind of aquarium available also happens to be the best choice for raising discus. A simple rectangular design, while not overly artistic, is the best kind of aquarium tank to use for displaying, or breeding your discus.

Discus are very particular about how much water they are residing in. Given the height and shape of an adult discus, they are generally best suited to eighteen inch high display tanks.

When it comes to adult discus the bigger the aquarium the better. If a all possible you will want to use a fifty to sixty gallon tank for a discus display tank if you have at least four, but less than six adult discus. Getting such a large aquarium may seem absurd if you are starting out with baby discus, however as time goes by, they will grow into the aquarium, and it won’t seem so absurd then. The baby discus will actually develop better if you place them into a tank such as this, rather than swapping them out to a new tank dependent on their size.

It is important to note however, that if you are raising baby discus that are still in their fry stage, that they could potentially get lost in such a big tank, and this could cause them to not be able to find their food properly, and this would in turn cause a water quality control issue in the aquarium.

Before you even decide on a tank, you will need to decide whether you are going to keep discus just as a hobby, or if you are planning on breeding discus for profit. The ways of maintaining and keeping discus vary slightly depending on just what intentions you have.

When considering an aquarium for your discus there are three basic kinds to choose from: Show tanks, breeding tanks and growout tanks.

Show Tanks:

If you are keeping discus just as a hobby, and not trying to breed them for profit, then a show tank will be the kind of tank you will want to situate your new discus into. When setting up a show tank you will need to take into consideration aquatic plants, decorations, gravel or sand, driftwood, what background to use and of course the discus and other fish you may have in there.

Aquatic Plants:

Aquatic plants aren’t usually native to the discus habitat, but they are perfect for putting into a show tank for the discus. The plants help keep the oxygen levels in the water acceptable, the discus enjoy the additional cover that these plants provide, and baby discus even feed on microorganisms which manifest themselves on these plants, such as algae.