When you are choosing to have a show tank, you obviously want to enjoy your discus and show them off to others. While it is a good idea to use some slight decorations, it is not a good idea to crowd out the discuss with pirate ships and treasure chests with floating bubbles. Those kinds of decorations tend to upset the discus, so be careful when choosing out decorations for your new aquarium.

A decoration that is widely accepted as being both aesthetically pleasing to us, and pleasing for the discus, is an artificial cave or rock formation. Not only do the discuss enjoy the additional cover provided by these decorations, they can prove to be beneficial during times of breeding as well.

You want to be certain that if you use an artificial cave or rock formation, that it doesn’t allow for anywhere where unused food, or fecal matter can build up. That could cause some serious issues down the line for the water chemistry in your discus show tank.


Driftwood is a good addition to any show tank. It will not only give a more natural look to your aquarium, but it will also make your discus feel more at home, as driftwood is quite common in their natural habitat.

You can pick up bits of driftwood at any local pet or aquarium supply store. Be sure when you are picking out driftwood to ensure that there are no sharp edges that could potentially harm the discus by swimming into it.

Driftwood also releases tannins into the water, making it a slightly different color. While this may not be particularly noticeable to ourselves, the discus will take note, and it will make them feel as if they are in their natural habitat.